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Find Clarity.


Do you feel stuck?

Are you looking for a change in your career?

Do you crave closer or better relationships?

Do you want more meaning or happiness in your life?

Do you want to be more effective at work?

Is the current pace of your life unsustainable?

Do you want work/life balance?

Does a current challenge consistently hold you back?

Would you like to exercise or eat better consistently?

If you answered yes to any of the above, schedule a free 1:1 coaching session to see how we can help.

Cindy Chen, previously a performance coach at Google, can help you achieve your goals using methods proven effective by research and science. 


For more information on Cindy, see her coaching profile.


To schedule a free, evaluative session, email her at or click the button below.

Cindy’s coaching helped me with key character traits that kept my performance level down. She will bring out the best in you and she is determined not to let you fail. 

If you want to perform at the next level, you need Cindy in your life!

M. Kamal, Google Empployee

Cindy is encouraging, truly caring, and shares research-backed, relevant techniques and information.  Her coaching is inspiring, actionable, and individual.


I would recommend her to anyone looking for a talented coach to assist them in their journey.

K. Hegedus, Entreprenuer

Working with Cindy has helped me build constructive behavior that has lead to meaningful lifestyle changes. She’s significantly changed my life for the better.


I cannot recommend her highly enough.

J. Gonzalez, Attorney

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