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Struggling with habits or routines

that would improve your life?

60 second habits


Learn to build a new healthy habit for life

using methods proven effective by science and research.

The science on how our brain builds routines.

3 research proven principles for lasting habits.

How to break through

common pitfalls.

90% of attendees

rated their confidence level for

forming a new habit for life at

very confident or higher

30 days post workshop!*

*One month after the workshop, attendees rated their confidence a 4 or higher (on a 1 to 5 point scale) when asked the question “How confident are you in your abilities to for a new habit for life now?”

People who've attended the workshop loved... 

“ A concrete set of steps I can apply to drive habit formation”.

Eric W.
Google Engineer

“Working both in groups and with a partner. The interactive nature and that facilitators helped personalize the experience”

Rasiga G.
Facebook Engineer

“Becoming more effective at managing my habits and understanding how my habits form.”

Laine L.

Walk away with a personalized plan to help you effectively form a new habit for life.

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