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Act First, Think Later.

"We discover who we are and what we care about through being immersed in the white heat of experience. When we understand this, procrastination no longer seems so attractive." - Alan De Botton

This post is for anyone who've, at some point, dreamed but struggled to act.

Go here: (3min read). Navigate by clicking anywhere on the screen.

Afterwards, answer the following (5min):

What is one small action you can take right now to get started on a meaningful thing you've been putting off?

5 mins to change:

  • Schedule 5 mins of quiet time to answer the question

  • Take 3 deep and slow breaths before you start.

  • Writing by hand is proven to be more effective for introspective activities, but typing works in a pinch.

  • Do what is easiest for you! Remember imperfect action beats perfect intention every time.

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