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our mission.

The Being Lab is an organization dedicated to helping individuals and groups build deeper and more meaningful connections to themselves, others, and the world.

what we do.

We offer workshops, talks, and coaching to help you make lasting life improvements.  

Struggling with habits or routines

that would improve your life?

Healthy Habits

for Life

Learn to build a new healthy habit for life

using methods proven effective by science and research.

The science on how our brain builds routines.

3 research proven principles for lasting habits.

How to break through

common pitfalls.

90% of attendees

rated their confidence level for

forming a new habit at

very confident or higher

30 days post workshop!*

*One month after the workshop, attendees rated their confidence a 4 or higher (on a 1 to 5 point scale) when asked the question “How confident are you in your abilities to for a new habit for life now?”


Upcoming Events



our services

We offer workshops on habit formation, well-being,​goal-setting, and relationship building. 

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